Target and Principles

Our target is;


To be one of the best dental clinics in the world, where all Alfa Dental Clinic patients and staff enjoy being a part of, whose brand value has reached an international dimension, where clinical partners look after their patients one-on-one.

Our principles;

  • At Alfa Dental Clinic, our patients receive the most accurate diagnosis and treatment in a hygienic environment. Our patients feel that they are in a comfortable and friendly place and receive a professional service.
  • 100% patient satisfaction is our first priority at Alfa Dental Clinic. We plan and implement our treatments on this basis. The commercial dimension of our work is always secondary.
  • The priority in the routine care of our patients, which will last for many years, is to ensure the continuity of the oral and general health of our patients.
  • At Alfa Dental Clinic, our patients are informed in detail about all diagnoses and treatments. Each patient is allocated as much time as his treatment requires, treatments are applied quickly and painlessly without tiring them.
  • Our biggest investment is always our employees. We constantly work to ensure that they are happy and motivated at work, and to increase their living standards and knowledge.
  • Naturalness in aesthetics is very important to us. You can see this approach in everything we do, from the design of our clinics to the single filling of our patients.
  • Every treatment at Alfa Dental Clinic is performed by experienced and expert doctors, using state-of-the-art devices, with high quality materials.
  • Our patients leave our clinic confident that they get more than what they paid for their treatment.